When it’s Time to be Ready

on being ready

The truth about being ready is that you’ll never be ready.

That is simultaneously the best and worse news.

Depending on my mood.

I like control and even though I know that change takes some risk, I’d prefer to not have to move out of my comfort zone…

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The Decorating Truths You Won’t See on HGTV

what can be done with less

Time. White Space. Imperfections. I know. Not as glamorous as Buy New Stuff, Paint New Stuff, Knock out Your Kitchen Walls With a Sledgehammer While A Camera Crew Watches and it all gets done in one week. But we are real women, with real fries on the floor of our cars, without big furniture budgets […]

Because Whitespace is Something Too

back yard

“Whitespace is anything but nothing.” -Bonnie Gray (Finding Spiritual Whitespace)

That Time I Tore Out Our Walls With my Bare Hands in a Fit of Rage While Wearing a Bonnet

laundry room

For eight months we’ve had no walls in the back porch. Well, you can see ‘walls’ with gaps in them in the photo because the back porch is a laundry room with a bathroom, so those are cedar wood planks in our little bathroom on the porch. The previous walls were made of 12 inch […]

Arrows :: A Secret Weapon In Decorating

family room

  For years my parents participated in their neighborhood yard sale. With so many different sales going on, most people put signs out on the main streets of the neighborhood so you were sure to find their sale all buried back behind their house on a quiet street. If I’m in a car driving through […]

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Layered Cowhides & Also Oysters

how to layer rugs

Most things I do in my house aren’t a result of a carefully thought through plan where I get to make decisions based on the perfect scenarios. You know that right? Most design decisions are a result of using what I have when I have it and making the most out of that. Isn’t that […]

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