Hi Nice to Meet You!


When I started writing online five and a half years ago, to me, the internet was a place where unibombers hung out. I certainly wasn’t going to put my name out there for all to see. Especially a name like mine, that’s so different that all the unibombers would certainly search for my address and […]

When Your Sister Is Coming

better to do something imperfectly than nothing perfectly

My sister unexpectedly got to spend the night last night. And it was just the push I needed to take 30 minutes before she arrived to get the newly located guest room from this…. Pin It

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Easy Wall Art

5 minute wall art

Yesterday I was suddenly in need of a quick change in our family room but I didn’t want to go buy something. I had that wood frame that’s waiting for photos to be printed out–wait, who am I kidding, I haven’t even taken the photos yet. It’s gonna be a little while until I get […]

Guest Room Reveal

guest room

Last time we talked about the guest room (I think it was September?) Here’s what it looked like. I am the world’s slowest room put-er together-er. HGTV magazine contacted me, wanting photos of the room so they could consider a feature. Such great motivation! Want to see the big reveal?

DIY Arrows


I can hear it now “But what do I do with them?  How do I dust them? Why?”  There’s no Complete Guide for Decorating With Arrows (wait, actually there is) they’re just fun, no more, so stop looking at my arrows and rolling your eyes. Materials you can use for life-completing, Nobel prize-winning arrows : […]

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Overhead Lighting


Style at Home Overhead lighting of the builder grade kind is often the target of mockery and disdain.  Poor overhead lights.  But even in a rental, there’s something you can do about it since they are so easy to change out. A boring, life sucking average overhead light can be replaced with a signature piece […]

Haute Hides

herringbone cowhide rug

It’s back. The Haute Hides sale at Joss & Main. I promised I’d let you know so this is just a friendly reminder. Ignore this post if you are not in the market for a cowhide or leather rug. My rug is the grey herringbone 8 x 10 ish I’m 99.99% sure it’s the exact […]

Laugh at People and Win a Gift Card!


    I said it once at a conference and I still stand by it, the community of DIY/Home bloggers?  Well they are my favorite.  And today they are bringing a fun contest to you, just for laughs, and a $300 Lowe’s Gift Card! Also, I think “popular” is a play on words, according to […]

Risk & Results


Sometimes people ask ‘how do you know exactly what to get for a room?’.  For me it’s not very scientific.  But the answer is, I don’t know what to get for a room at all.  I try to not risk wasting money but I do want to take a risk to make a room look […]

I Played With Barbies When I Was 15

peaches n'cream

Barbie Collector At least, I thought I was playing with Barbies. It wasn’t until a few years ago when I thought back and realized I wasn’t playing with Barbies at all.  I was playing with their houses. …I’m talking about what we played with as children and how that “comes into play”  (get it?) at […]

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