Thrifting with $2.99

BEFORE: at least they had the sense to use hot glue, that junk peeled right off DURING: 2000% betterAFTER: don’t you want to fight me for it?

Metal Barn Star Obsession

I love metal barn stars. Yes, I know some of you think they are old news and over used but, I prefer a 3D star any day over a flat, glass framed piece of “art.” Nine times out of 10 I will hate framed pictures and only have 3 in my house. I would rather […]

The Sale

I know that y’all are all ready for me to tell you about my obsession with metal barn stars and painting with a paper towel but, I’ve got to tell you about this past weekend’s sale first. Tomorrow, I promise well have stars. Get your stars and paint and tacks ready! It happens twice a […]

Blame it on the Man

Do you have one of those empty spaces under the counter in your bathroom? I do. I mean, I’m really happy to have such a long counter and all but what’s a girl to do there? I have a feeling some well meaning male came up with the idea to put a big hole where […]

Window Mistreatments: 401

These mistreatments are for the advanced mistreater. If you’re new here you can read about easier mistreatments here and here. If you are too lazy to click on those links, I’ll define the term for you Mistreatment: (n). covering for a window that is quick, cheap and pretty. may or may not need hardware does […]

Sexy Back

Back of bookcase, cabinet and hutch that is. They want to look pretty too! Here’s my dining room hutch/china cab thingy. Look how sad and bored it is! He is just begging for attention. FYI: this is a case good so its gender is male. Look closer, that’s right, I’ve got a mess of paper […]


I bought the top and bottom ones from Nancy’s {her blog} ebay store {her store}. The middle one is from my honey’s grandfather’s house. It’s still my favorite of the batch but, now it’s not so lonely and it they all add to the other’s beauty…doncha think?I like these too. So much for using my […]

The Best Three Dollars I Have Ever Spent

And the worst Four Hundred.A few years ago I remember going to a neighborhood yard sale with my mom and my sister. It was one of those where you pull into the neighborhood and you just know that you will find treasures. It was the perfect mix of young and old. You know one of […]

30 Minute Makeover: Pillows

I am all about pillows. I promise, you can’t have too many. Who doesn’t love a fluffy pillow filling the corners of sofas, chairs, beds, and benches? Once I buy a pillow, I will never let it go. But, sometimes, I get tired of the pattern or the color or sometimes my boys spill grape […]

Window Mistreatment 101 Red Checks Style

The following is an explanation of the fold, clip and poof method of mistreating windows. No windows were harmed during this presentation. I have been dreading this post for about 2 weeks. I know it will take me 2 hours to do this. I think it would just be easier to drive to anyone’s house […]

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