A Letter Wreath


Some of you may remember a wreath that my friend made last year. This is how it looked all decked out for the Holiday Season. I love how full and voluptuous is is but the red was a little much by the time February rolled around. So I pulled out all the red stuff and […]

Price My Space Party 2

price my space

We just cannot get enough of prices can we? 1. I got that urn about 6 years ago at Target for $39. The sticks are from Hobby Lobby and my aunt gave them to me after I used them in her son’s wedding. Score! The white table was a $5 Goodwill find. 2. The 4 […]

The Naked Truth

We’ve lived here six weeks now and our bedroom still looks like this. And yesterday, Writer Chic wrote a wonderful post showing her beautiful master bedroom transformation and linked to Nesting Place so much that I think my head grew a few sizes. I felt the need to show you my reality just in case […]

Why Didn’t I Think of That?

Have you seen this thrifty project yet? I cannot wait to try it out someplace in my house! Thanks for the link Deanna–from a month ago!

Bargin Time

Tour de Rental 2008 has been interrupted for the 37th time for yet another special announcement. Remember my somewhat seatless porch I showed you last week? Remember how you all have been praying feverishly and wishing on your pennies for a porch swing? By the way, my parents called after that post and offered to […]

Master Bedroom

Here’s our room. Yes, I know that my skirt is poofy. No, it’s not always that poofy, I poofed it special, for you. I made the skirt and duvet cover myself with a sewing machine. I am very proud. One of my sons even barfed on it and it held up in the wash. A […]


WIN THIS STUFF! I’m back!!! And I’m givin‘ stuff away! Oh, how I have missed you! I have been in and out at the library trying to somewhat keep up with what is going on and my sister has done a more than fabulous job posting for me. Now back to mispelled words and poor […]

Gifts on a budget

This month is chalk, chopped, whatever that word is, full of birthdays and people days for us. With no budget {try negative budget} for gifts, we had to get really creative. Lucky for me, I have a bad habit of saving toys that my boys loved to play with. These animals were played with for […]

Playroom Part 1

Playroom: Wall #1Shutters: $8 per pair {habitat for humanity restore}Parson’s Table: $7 {goodwill}Chairs: Free {shopped the house}Metal Barn Star: $39 {ebay} Having a playroom that doubles as a guest room that adults can actually stand to be in: priceless.

Where is that witty title person?

Need some laundry room inspiration? My sister accomplished a complete room transformation with a few cans of paint and a scrap piece of fabric. And look what you can do with an old door found at a family farm house. This project has nothing to do with a laundry room but I must share it […]

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