Deal Alert!

metal table

I happened to be at Target for my once every 4-6 week visit (we live so far away!) and I found this great metal stool/table on clearance for $23.99! I bought it for the porch but so far it’s been in my office and now in the family room. I think I could have used two. I love having lots of small tables around to tuck into corners and layer next to the sofa. I might be the last one to know about this sale but go get you one if you’ve been looking for this kind of thing. It’s lightweight, black hammered metal.

In other news, our internet out here in the country has been completely unacceptable this week. It took entirely too long just to load this one photo. Chad’s got a backup for me coming in the next week or so and we are hoping it will make a huge difference.

PS, be sure to stop by next week, I have a HUGE HUGE announcement! Till then, hang out with me on instagram? And don’t forget #pizzafriday –I’ll post a picture on instagram of ours and tag it #pizzafriday, I’d love for you to tag yours if you make pizza too and we can all see eachother’s pizza.

How To Hang Plates On The Wall

how to hang plates

I’ve been hanging plates on our walls for years. And the number one question I get asked about house stuff in real life and online is “how do you hang your plates on the wall?”. I’ve answered it before but I tried something new that I wanted to share. Plate hanging isn’t reserved for the […]

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Where to Start When You’re Sure A Space Is Hopeless

wood stove

When we bought this house there was a little glimmer of hope for an office. But it was so small that I didn’t even mention it here for almost six months. This cold, dirtly little back room attached to the World’s Worst Barn felt entirely hopeless especially knowing that our house and land all desperately […]

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Rescued Crystals. To the Rescue, Again

crystals and wood beads

Whenever we move (which has been often) I look forward to hearing from the house on what it wants to be. I’m usually surprised. I don’t really hear voices. But each house speaks… Pin It

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Layered Cowhides & Also Oysters

how to layer rugs

Most things I do in my house aren’t a result of a carefully thought through plan where I get to make decisions based on the perfect scenarios. You know that right? Most design decisions are a result of using what I have when I have it and making the most out of that. Isn’t that […]

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My Latest Thrift Find


I found this macrame plant hanger at the Goodwill for $3. In the winter I had different lanterns hanging from the hook, with a rope and pulley system and I loved it, but I wanted something different for spring. So took it down and just waited. I waited to see something–when I wasn’t looking for […]

Your Summer Reading…For the Next Three Years

huge ebook sale

this bundle is no longer available… this post contains affiliate links I’m a reader of books. And ebooks and today there’s a super huge sale of a big bundle of 97 ebooks all sold together for one crazy low price. Over the past few years I purchased many of these separately and learned so much. […]

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The Linen Settee

tufted settee in black linen

I want to introduce you to the newest addition to the family….room. I’ve been on the lookout for a low backed bench for a few months. And really, I bought it for our bedroom so I could put it at the end of our bed. It’s been here three weeks and has yet to make […]

Becoming Debt Free & 6 Odd Tips That Helped Us

paying off debt

This is the second post in an all about me series called Things You Might Not Know About Me. Yesterday’s post: My Real Name We finally did it. I mentioned in last year’s goal post that we hope to be debt free this year. Both my husband and I were self-employed for all of our […]

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Popping in real quick to show you the latest members of the family room team.  We don’t live super close a Wal-Mart but the other day I happened to be in another town and ran in and lo and behold, they had these simple little slipcovered ottoman/foot stool things–what are these cubes called? They have […]

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