Removing Gunk From Windows

When we moved in the first thing I did was removed the weird fern patterned “privacy paper” from the front door sidelights. Y’all. This stuff is like contact paper for your windows only SUPER sticky. One day I walked up and found my boys pressing their hands and faces and well, other body parts up […]

Tuesdays Unwrapped

Tuesdays Unwrapped. Over at Chatting at the Sky my sister is busy not being busy. She’s encouraging us to notice the small, unexpected real life that is right now. This is my Tuesday {as it was my Monday too} a sick baby. I can call a 7 soon to be 8 year old a baby […]

Decorating Kids’ Rooms

kids room

Growing up, my mom let me decorate my room however I wanted. I moved the furniture often, and painted the walls a light shade of pink. One time I picked tiny flowers, pressed them and then stuck them to the molding around my doors with hairspray. Tres chic. When I was in the brand name […]

My Baby

When I found out I was expecting my third child less than three months after giving birth to my second boy, I cried. For real. Not because I didn’t want any more children, I did. But, although my pregnancies are healthy I’m miserably nauseous and the memory of the previous one was entirely too fresh. […]

Southern Withdrawl: emphasis on drawl

When we used to be “rich” {last week} we lived across the street from this. I took this picture out of the playroom window. You can see a big open grassy area, lots of pavement for bikes, and ….THE POOL. Oh and see that thing in the sky on the left right above the tree […]

Toile Doll

shopping with…

It’s like a 3 ring circus when we go out. Look, I caught him in the act. “Must play with giant bait…” He has never said the word fabulous.


Every year I give my mother in law the same thing, a picture of her grandchildren. So easy. Yes, there are only a few minor expectations. 1. The photo must contain all five children.2. The photo must contain all five children looking at the camera.3. The photo must contain all five children looking at the […]

Not a bird in the sky

Life in the neighborhood has been pretty exciting lately.First, we had a rainbow….Then we had sky writing (my personal favorite)…Then, we had snow…Have you ever seen cattails growing by a pond? We have lots in our neighborhood. Or at least we used to have lots until these mangy kids got a hold of them and […]


According to him he’s in his early teens. What? I mean, WHAAAAT? I can’t be old enough to have a child in the double digits!?! In my mind I’m still in college. Sometimes when I am standing in line at Target and see the Bride’s magazine with a pretty gown on it I’ll think to […]

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