31 Days To a Less Messy Nest Day 19:: For the Right Reasons

happy home

The reason I like my house to be less messy is two fold.  1. When the house is less messy, it is available. Last Friday morning my sister called and wanted to make a spur of the moment visit.  All I had to do was get groceries and put sheets on the guest bed.  I […]

Creepy Mantel

how to decorate for halloween and not look trashy

My boys are almost 13, 10 and 9.  They demand some type of spooky in October. It takes next to nothing to make them happy.  A few dollars worth of ripped up cheese cloth that looks better each year. And a tiny family of birds. I can never resist a good mantel party.  Check out […]

31 Days To A Less Messy Nest Day 10:: Simple Solutions for Everyday Issues


Over the past few months {years?} I’ve heard myself barking the same reminders to my boys, “hang your book bag up, don’t pour too much cereal, you can’t use 18 different cups before lunch…“.  My husband and I made a few simple changes in our home and now I can save my words for better […]

31 Days To a Less Messy Nest Day 7:: Laundry


I’m no laundry expert, I usually have a load or two patiently waiting for their turn in the washer but, laundry isn’t something I dread and it rarely builds up. I have three tips and I hope you have more. 1. Start a load right when you get up. Every morning I come down the […]

Grandy Camp

grandy camp chow

This week my husband and I are staying at my parent’s house.  My dad took a week off from work and he and Mom {Grandy} took the train 2 hours to go pick up my sister‘s 3 children, then they all got back on the train to come back to my house  to meet my […]

The Painted Cottage


This was this photo that  started it all.  I had no choice but to adore her. The lamps, the chandy, the mod chairs and table, the artwork that I copied more than once.  I found Angela from the Painted House over two years ago. She has since moved her blog but there is still great […]

Your House Is On Fire…

Amber Herlocker Photography

And all of your family and pets are safe and you have 4 minutes to grab whatever you can, what do you get? Most people I know would say photos.  And I used to think they were crazy for wanting photos.  Until last month when Portrait Photographer Amber Herlocker came and did a photo shoot […]

Tail of a Silhouette


anyone who is tall want to come to my house and hang that top frame better? I’ve told you more than enough about my beloved silhouettes, right?  Well, I switched out their frames and realized that I had 4 frames and only three boys.  The agony was unbearable trying to figure out what to do […]

Breakables and Boys


wall color :: Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray I have this very breakable shelf that holds a very breakable and already twice repaired urn that holds a very heavy coral.. …that I got from ebay but it was a little pink and smokey and old and dusty… …so I washed it and then whitewashed it…. …and […]

I Already Changed My Mantel Because I am A Crazy Person

homemade art

It killed me not to have these done in time for the Mantel Party yesterday.  So I’m linking up to my own linky. Every time I paint a room, my boys beg to help.  This time, I was prepared. I bought a $10 pack of 8×10 canvases from Michaels Craft Store and let them go […]

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