What Doesn’t Stop in the Summer

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It’s summer.

The boys are home.

The animals are happy to have more company. And they are ALL INSIDE because it’s 159 degrees outside.

The old pool is blue enough.

Everything is different in the summer.

Everything except the fact that I still have to work.

And I still have boys who are hungry.



The other day my to do list was crazy. So when Chad got home we all ran out to our local Mexican restaurant.

I was surprised to see that our bill was more than what it costs to have farm-fresh ingredients delivered to our door from Blue Apron (in a refrigerated box!) 

I always tell myself that ordering ingredients like that is a special treat, but going to our Mexican place often feels like a last resort when I’ve given up.


The cost of dang quesadillas is apparently rising. And they aren’t even that delicious.

It’s never the cooking part that is my biggest obstacle. It’s the planning, the shopping, the finding that recipe again…not that that’s impossible, but at the end of a long day sometimes my brain is just Done.

I’ve never regretted cooking. It’s always enjoyable.

Sometimes, I just want a cooking boss, a pretty one in an apron who plans and premeasures so that I can do the fun part (chopping, sauteing, sipping wine) and then take all the credit.





Because dinner is actually ready & chad won’t be home for another hour. #itssimplytuesday

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So even though there’s half-painted woodwork, and a toilet in a box sitting on the porch outside the window, I feel like a responsible, got-it-under-control adult because ta-da: I made dinner!

And everyone is happy to eat a delicious homemade meal even when it’s served on paper plates and we laugh at Michael Scott while the cats meow out the window at the chickens.



I’m loving my kitchen assistant.

Next week I’m making the Miso Roasted Chicken & the Seared Salmon.

FYI, Blue Apron just launched in Texas–I know y’all are excited about that!

If you’d like to try it too, the first 50 people to sign up for Blue Apron (cancel at any time!) will get two meals free in their first order. Just click here.

Your family will be way too impressed with you.

And you will bask in the glory.


Don’t you want to see what it tastes like?

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