One Way to Preserve A Legacy


We’ve moved 14 times, which means I’ve faithfully moved cardboard boxes full of old photos and VHS tapes around 14 times. My parents have moved even more boxes of photos, slides, and weird reels of film all over the country for the past 40 years. It’s just something you do to preserve your family’s memories.

Until now.

Y’all, I am so excited to tell you about my most prized possession. I’ll actually show some of it to you at the end of this post. I didn’t dream that the act of going through our family’s old recordings would be so life-giving, inspiring and heart warming.

Trusting our memories with Legacybox, a service that digitizes and preserves photos, movies, film and slides is one of the smartest things I’ve done in 2016.

legacy box

Once you order your Legacybox you’ll receive a kit with very clear instructions on how to simply label and pack your precious recordings and photos into their crush proof box. Shipping back is prepaid, and trackable.

As your items are processed you’ll receive emails updating you on the status of your order. You’ll know your memories are being cared for and within a few weeks, you’ll receive another shipment with your Legacybox filled with all your originals and everything will be preserved on DVDs and digital files, ready to be kept safe and enjoyed for years to come.


I love a good photo album more than the next girl, but I’m so overprotective of this one, worried that I’ll accidentally destroy it. I’m so glad I now have a big chunk of our family’s photos and film saved on the DVDs and flash drive that Legacybox created for us.


And this is the perfect gift for the person in your life who has everything they need.

This would be a fun project for a family reunion!

working with a pipeSmoking a pipe while at work? Why not?

morlandsDad was dropped off to school in style


A video posted by Myquillyn Smith (@thenester) on

click the photo above to watch the 15 second clip

So, my new, most prized possession is this video from 2005.

I’m not sure that I’ve ever mentioned this, but our boys were the cutest boys in the universe.

We aren’t the kind of family who has been sitting around watching old videos every year–I haven’t laid eyes on these for ten years and I’m kind of thinking that’s the best way to enjoy videos like this.

This video from when my boys were little turned out to be the most wonderful show I’ve ever seen. It’s my most prized possession and lucky me, I have an entire hour of this stuff, just at home daily life of little boys whining and pushing and shoving and laughing and calling me Mommy.

It was the most exhausting/adorable time in our family. And I’m so grateful I have these DVDs!


Now it’s your turn!

The first 75 people to use the code NEST when they click the link here will get 40% off their first Legacybox order!

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