18 Summers

18 Summers

Our oldest is a senior next year, in many ways, this is our last normal summer.

Our middle boy has 5 summers left.

The youngest has 6 summers.

I know, they’ll still have summers after that. But you know exactly what I’m talking about.

You’ve probably counted too. And if you haven’t, you are adding it up right now. We talk about it here every year.

the days are long but the years are short

I love this quote, it’s been around long before the lovely Gretchen Rubin made it famous.

And it is so true.

How many summers do you lave left?



np book

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18 Summers. How Many Do You Have Left?

the days are long but the years are short

  It’s the backwards count down that I make myself do every year. We have to. It’s horrible and also a wonderful reminder. Our oldest has 3 summers (I started counting the one after the senior year, I’m fooling myself counting that one, I know). The middle son has 6 more summers. Our youngest has […]

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DIY Frame Wallpaper

hand drawn frame wall

This is a sponsored post by ScotchBlueTM Painter’s Tape and Social Chorus, as always words, opinions and imperfect decorating are mine all mine. I absolutely love this project and I’ve wanted to try it forever! A few years ago I saw this beautiful Graham and Brown wallpaper in person. I knew right then that I wanted […]

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DIY Polyhedra and Friends

make your own polyhedra

The other day I gasped as my boys walked out of their science class. They were holding what I later learned was a polyhedra. I had always called it that cool shapey, faceted thing I’ve had on my table for over a year. Now my boys were walking out each carrying one of these wonderful […]

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Bonus Room Painting & A Giveaway to Help You Paint


This room makeover is creeping along. By the time it’s done, Ty Pennington will have worn out 39 buses (busi?) with his one week makeovers. My kids will be so old they won’t even be able to get their walkers and grandchildren up the stairs to come up to this room. Chevron will be back […]

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