Insta-Sale on Wednesday!


We moved in August and since then, I’ve kept a little hoard of my favorite housey things packed away safely in our basement. Yes, I have a barn full of stuff for future barn decorating. But in our house I stored the extra special things from our last house that I assumed I’d use in this house.

Now that my office is moving right along, I’m realizing that this stuff I love isn’t going to find a home here in my house. And instead of waiting around being folded up in my basement while we fix the barn and have a Big Sale one day, I figured I’d just find a new home for some of my favorite, shippable things now. I know everyone doesn’t have instagram but I wanted to try something that was quick and new and easy.

So I’m doing a little instagram sale on Wednesday noon-6 EST. Details and instructions at the end of the post.

Here’s what it’s time for me to get rid of….

Nesting_Place_The_Nester_Living_Room_Wall_Red_Letter_Words1Vintage Nesting Place

1. Striped Window MisTreatments (which are basically just pieces of fabric, not to be confused with actual finished drapes)


I’ve got 4 ‘panels’ that are each about 100 inches long and about 54 inches wide. Click here to read how I ‘made’ these.  Each panel is two pieces of fabric I hastily sewed together in the middle. The edges are raw. They still each have 5 black ring clips cliped to the tops ready to hang. These imperfect, unfinished, unlined, unhemmed window mistreatments served our family well for four years and were included in Better Homes & Garden’s Christmas Ideas and no one ever arrested me for having fabric hanging on our windows! Win! I HATE to get rid of these but I’ve tried them everywhere, even the boys room and we have less than half the windows we had in our old house.

embellished drapes

2. Embellished Drapes

These embellished drapes are actually Ikea drapes that I did this to. They are one pair (2 panels) with metal grommets. 99″ long by 57″ wide each.


3. Pink Pouf


The pink pouf. I LOVE this pouf. But it does not work in our orangey toned wood floors in our little modern rustic farmhouse. I thought for sure I’d use it in my office but I decided to go with more muddy/muted/coralish pinks instead of this version. Sadly, neither of these colors looks right on my screen. It’s somewhere in between the two photo above. This is a used pouf. Some of the stitching had darkened. I still love poufs and have a white one now, and all the stitching is already darkened and it looks great in our family room.


4. Floral Pillow Covers

Five of these super soft floral pillow covers. There are two sizes 14×27 (2)  inches and  21 inch square (3). These are washable, used pillow covers (pillow not included) that tie on the back. They will all be sold together.

west elm

5. West Elm coral pillow cover with feather insert. About 20 inches square. Pillow included.

office mistreatments

6. Window MisTreatments from my office.

Y’all, right around the time we moved last year someone emailed me about buying these. I had ever intention of contacting that person once I knew for sure I wasn’t going to use these (which was last week) and now, I cannot find the original email. So dear, sweet, kind person, please accept my apologies. These will be up for sale as well. They are RAW pieces of fabric that I folded and clipped up with ring clips.  Both are about 55 inches wide and 107-109 inches long. It’s a P. Kaufmann fabric off white and robin’s egg blue. A few more images here.


I also have some other random pillows, two pair of TOMS wedges (Calypso in Ash Grey like the photo not in black like the link) Brand new in the box (neither one fit me, I usually wear a 7, but in boots I buy a 7.5, I forgot and ordered a 7 & 7.5 online so I could see which fit the best, but then I remembered that I can wear a 6.5 in open toe shoes and THAT is what I should have ordered. So I’m selling the 7 and 7.5. Never worn. Super cute. They taunt me.

I’m planning on two types of bids, some auction, some first person to buy at the price I announce in the instagram post.

I plan to start listing things on instagram (follow TheNester) at around 12 noon EST on Wednesday. The above 6 home items will be an open bid until 6PM on Wednesday. Please bid in at least 1 dollar increments. Bidding can start at $1 or whatever price the first bidder wants to bid. There’s no minimum.

Some items like the TOMS & other things will just be a listed price and first one to leave “sold” with their email address will be the purchaser. I’ll invoice everyone through paypal (so that’s the only way to pay) and all shipping is included in the price. Open only to the lower 48. Once you are invoiced you have 24 hours to pay or else the next person or bid is the winner.


At 6 on Wednesday I’ll go in and mark all the bids sold one by one, so even though it closes at 6 each auction technically ends once I close it, which could be within a minute or so after once I get to each auction to close. The first bidder sales will close right away with the first sold.

Once you have an instagram account you should also be able to use your computer to comment and see photos here. You’ll just need to be logged in. I like using my phone for stuff like this because I trust it more with instagram, but the computer is an option too.

I’m thinking I’ll have 10-15 different listings depending on how motivated I am today and if anyone in the comments says they want me to find more stuff. Or if you all say it’s a bad idea I might cancel. You all have such influence over me. I’ve never done this before. Forgive me if I mess it all up!

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