Why the World Needs the Makers to Say No Boldly

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I read an essay last week that was written in 2009. It’s called Maker’s Schedule, Manager’s Schedule written by Paul Graham and it’s my new battle cry. All creatives need to read this. All people who work with creatives need to read this. Everyone. Read this.

Basically, the author talks about the difference between Makers (creatives, but in his case he’s talking about programmers ) and Bosses (or anyone who works in hourly increments) and focuses on how meetings cost creatives more because it’s an interruption in their flow. I’d like to go further than just meetings–anything that is an outward demand for attention can cost a creative more when they are in the midst of their work…

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Insta-Sale on Wednesday!


We moved in August and since then, I’ve kept a little hoard of my favorite housey things packed away safely in our basement. Yes, I have a barn full of stuff for future barn decorating. But in our house I stored the extra special things from our last house that I assumed I’d use in […]

Un-Word of the Year


I love the popularity of claiming a word for the year. This year I’m joining up with three friends (& hopefully you will join us) in declaring a word that we ARE NOT. An UNword. The UN-word is a word that you are rejecting for the new year. You would like to Un-Do it.  It doesn’t […]

Inspired You

miss mustard seed inspired you

 blue & whites and Eulalie Sometimes you run across someone online who you just absolutely adore.  Marian Parsons, Miss Mustard Seed is one of those people you meet, you love, you walk away encouraged. I’ve hung out with Marian, we’ve chatted on the phone, texted, and we’ve even sat next to each other on a […]

Win a Monogram, Anthropologie Gift Card and A Lifetime Supply of Everything

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enter to win an 18″ wood monogram, click here after you read this post to see how I dressed up this 24″ monogram Ok so I lied about the lifetime supply part.  But everything else is true. I partnered with some darling bloggers to get you some drool worthy prizes for a big giveaway today. […]

I went to Haven and all I got was Encouraged and Smarter

haven conference

*title stolen from something I read at Angie in the Thick of it  ‘s blog. she wins the award for most creative business cards at Haven. You should go to a blogging conference.  If you have a blog and are somewhat serious about it?  It is worth it that you spend the money and the […]

And on The 5th of June, She Created Quiet Because She Didn’t Want to be Like That Kardashian Mom

quiet the house for realz

Have I told you that I automatically wake up at 5am almost every morning?  No alarm?  Actually, that was before Tanzania.  Since Tanzania it’s been 4:30.  It started January 1st. NO LIE.  Is that odd? Do you think Someone is trying to tell me something?  I do my best writing while the sun is rising […]

Hosting A Girl’s Weekend

super easy party planning

I hosted a girls weekend at my house last week and it was pure, unadulterated, 100% enjoyment–even the getting ready for six girls to be at my house all weekend.  I love hosting LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  I try to focus on doing things I like and I try to avoid doing things I hate–even […]

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A Few Announcements

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Winner of the Haven Conference ticket giveaway:: Chelsea from Two Twenty One–total accident that the color in her header and the color I had for the 31 Days of Change graphic are the same… It’s only January but, it’s not too early to start thinking about what your topic will be for this years fourth […]

Haven Conference :: Ticket Giveaway


Have you heard about the upcoming Haven conference?  I knew I wanted to attend from the moment I saw the tag line.  I’m a sucker for a good tag line.  It didn’t hurt that it was a conference is featuring some brilliant leaders in the DIY/home blogging community.  I cannot say enough about this community […]

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