Guest Room Progress


  ModCloth via Ryan inspired by a super inspiring commencement speech from Neil Gaiman   Sometimes when you work on a room there are more questions partway in than when you started.  Those questions could be looked at as problems or mistakes or they could be considered fun opportunities that will shape the final outcome […]

The Purpose of A Workspace

EASy office

My office is in this month’s (July actually) issue of Ladies’ Home Journal. {Insert Church Lady Voice) Isn’t that special?  But I want to tell you a secret… Pin It

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Boy Rooms

Boys Room

Restoration Hardware We have three boys.  The oldest will be 15 this year and my other two are 12 and 11.  Years ago I bought them all matching beds, two dressers and some book shelves for their rooms.  We never got further than that.  When I wrote out my home goals for 2011 I included […]

How NOT To Shop For A Sofa

DSC_0025 2

yesterday It first really hit me the morning that the Better Homes and Gardens Do It Yourself Magazine folks were coming.  The Sofa.  The poor sofa was begging for mercy.  We bought this sofa about eight years ago and I still absolutely love it.  It was one of the best purchases we’ve ever made.  I […]

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Making the Most of Summer Surfaces

summer surfaces

You know how I love my cleared off surfaces.  I think empty surfaces are the key to a clutter free, clean and organized house.  But I don’t keep the surfaces clear just so they can be empty all the time. I keep them clear so  that they are ready for us to use them and […]

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Chalkboards 3 Ways


I’m not a fair weather chalkboard fan.  I use chalkboards in different ways in my house and I thought I’d do a post here to round them all up all nice and neat in one place. Pin It

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