Kitchen Counters!

nesting place kitchen

We have counters!

Our white quartz counters were installed last week, right in time for Thanksgiving! And I have a sink!!!! WATER!

white kitchen

Here’s a comparison to the day before counters. BC as I should call it. Also known as the Dark Ages.   DSC_9757


There are still a million little things that need to happen, electricity, outlets, priming, painting, hardware, sealing things, choosing other lighting, the hood, backsplash, making a decision on the open shelving, figuring out what to put on the ends of the island, replacing the floor molding, refinishing the floors, and phase two of the kitchen– the refrigerator wall. But all of that can wait because we are FUNCTIONAL!! And water and an oven have changed my life!





We do have a seam. And five years ago I probably would have whined and fretted about it. Today, I DON’T even care!!! I’m just so happy! Those two counter-top-installer-men said I was the happiest person they’ve ever installed for. When they asked how long I had to wait for my beautiful white counters I immediately replied “20 years and it was worth it.”  Because it’s true.

As tiresome, imperfect and humble as this little kitchen is–it is a DREAM to get to do this!

ikea sink

Did I mention that we have running water in our kitchen now?! I’ve decided that the kitchen sink it truly the heart of a home.


Thanksgiving! Y’all, I can’t stop !!!!!ing!!!


Best day ever, sink installation!


Thanks to your advice Chad and I went to the counter store and looked at the edges, we ended up changing ours to a 1/8 of an inch something–bevel? I’m really really happy with it. THANK you all for your help!


We also have four counter stools where the boys can sit and eat breakfast and make their lunches. When my sister came in town she convinced me that if we wanted we could even squeeze one more in. I might get an extra just to keep around. The stools are from World Market (they had a 25% off coupon last week!), and I’ll have a big long, huge resources list once this kitchen is done. In five years.


Thanksgiving. Mom and Dad were there too–I have no idea why they aren’t in my kitchen photos.


Also? Black Beauty works like a dream!


Congratulations to the winner of the 5th Annual Do Less Be More DaySpring $500 Shopping Spree….

Mark & Jan Ryder!! You Won!!  Check your email for details!

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  1. Yay! The counters look gorgeous. I think my favorite thing is that you can have your sink in the island but still have a window view! I love that. :)

  2. It’s beautiful. I am so happy for you. I am in year 4 of a fixer upper home with no kitchen – there’s a sink and working appliances, but it’s pieced together with mismatched cabinetry and a 2×4 island and plywood and laminate counters. The kitchen is open and in full view of the front door. I used to be frantic to have it done but – I have come to peace with it. It will happen when it happens, even if it is 20 years like you. And in the meantime I am enjoying the ride and the rest of my beautiful home (wood floors! new, non-leaking bathrooms!) that my husband worked so hard on. It truly does not need to be perfect to be beautiful. I don’t post often but I read daily. Thank you for your calmness in this sea of “do, do, do!”

    • my sister-in-law asked when our kitchen would be ‘done’ and I laughed. seriously, what’s the definition of ‘done’?! also, I told her five years.

  3. friend, i’m just over the moon for you.

  4. So happy for you! Just beautiful.

  5. It’s looking great! I can’t wait to see the end result!

  6. Lovely. I’m sure it must be nice to be able to cook, though it doesn’t seem like lack of a kitchen keeps you from extending gracious hospitality. :-)

  7. Beautiful!

    I must have read your blog for a long time. I had to do a double take – I can’t believe Emily’s kids are so BIG!


  8. we just lived without a fridge for 2.5 weeks (mini fridge only) and it was so hard. I can’t imagine not having water in the kitchen. it is looking great. we are moved into our new little nest and we are loving it. downsizing and living closer is working for us! i love your white on white kitchen. we have a lot of white/off white in the new house and i am enjoying it so far.

  9. Your counters are gorgeous! You’re getting so close to being done even though your to-do list is probably feels a mile long.

  10. I once heard someone say that their house was “Two years away from half done”! I have always loved that time description!

  11. Congratulations! It’s really shaping up nicely. I know exactly what you mean about running water and an oven. We’ve been without that since last May and it’s amazing how I took them for granted in my ugly “non functional” kitchen before. It was certainly more functional than this, lol. Anyway, I’m super happy for you and your design choices are lovely. I love white spaces!

  12. Your counters are beautiful! Can’t wait to find out which quartz you picked.

  13. Running water. A lovely surface on which to prepare hearty meals. A stove where you can cook and bake and roast to your heart’s content. A wonderful gathering place for your family. The simplest gifts are often the best …


  14. You made my day! I’m so happy for you. The kitchen is beautiful. Thanks for the smile.

  15. Looks SO beautiful! I was just looking at my rounded-edge counters (not by choice) and thinking of you & wondering what you chose and how it looks. I think I might be the happiest person for you that has never even met you right now! Waiting stinks while you are doing it, but man, the payoff when it finally happens!!!!

  16. Seam…shmeam…who cares! It looks fab! Besides…I heard somewhere “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful” Love that quote!

  17. Love your counters and those stools…I really love them!! I would get another too, even if you just stash it in the corner while it isn’t in use. What a wonderful Thanksgiving you must have had with your family!! :)

  18. How wonderful! The seam doesn’t bother you … that’s a fun place to be from the waiting. I like that.

  19. Looks beautiful! So happy for you!

  20. Paola Norman says:

    So happy for you and your family. I love reading on how your coming along on your journey.
    My heart is so happy as I can feel your joy in your words. Last year our skylight leaked in the winter from the snow and we had water damage in three rooms which we are slowly piecing together. I know how it is to go without a sink and running water. In the end it was quite a gift as I learned not to take the simple everyday things for granted. I can’t wait to see your journey unfolds. Hugs.

  21. love, love, love your choice. that sink is the best. i can’t wait to see what is next.

  22. I personally could not deal with pure white counter tops… but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that sink!!!! Maybe someday I can redo my kitchen *sigh* ;)

  23. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new kitchen! The white counters are beautiful, and I’m drooling over the counter stools and that farmhouse sink!!! Just breathtakingly gorgeous!

  24. I love, love your sink and the counter tops are just beautiful.

  25. So excited for you! It’s beautiful.

  26. I appreciate your optimistic outlook. I am also grateful God sanctifies us through the years…even through seams in our countertops. I have so far to go.

  27. Beautiful!

  28. LOVE!! I lived without any kitchen at all for the first year we were in our home, so I feel your excitement all the way from here! :D Five years later and it still isn’t finished, but it’s functional and that’s what really matters! ;)

  29. Yeah for running water! We remodeled our kitchen this summer and went a few weeks without a sink amidst the whole mess but the happiest moment was having running water again! We also got a slight bevel on our granite countertops and I love it!

  30. I have really enjoyed watching the progress of this kitchen. (Which is gorgeous.) Watching each of the steps is like MAGIC. I wish I had been able to appreciate the process more with my kitchen, but I was so darn tired. You will re-read these posts in a year and be even MORE floored with the magic, I promise. (And of course, the number one thing about any room or home that you can’t generally do much about without spending a fortune is layout – and yours is awesome. Look at those windows!!)

  31. I love how your kitchen is coming along! I think that’s what we’ve decided on for our countertops. We narrowed it down to 3 options but I think I’m sold on the white quartz :) xo Kristin

  32. Oh my! The counters are gorgeous, but the Farmhouse sink is perfect. I love everything about your kitchen… :)

  33. So exciting…and gorgeous to boot!!!! And one more ! for good measure!

  34. Woo-hoo! So happy for you! :)

  35. Pretty, Pretty Pretty! I love the floors, cabinets, sink, lights, stools.
    You have a good sense of design – I would have never of thought of the placement of the cabinets, stove, refrid. Good Job – if I win the lottery, will you design it for me?

    • truly it was just by default, we have a huge hood going up today over the stove so the far wall is the only place for more cabinets, plus, we have a mud room right next to the kitchen, I haven’t told my husband yet but that’s actually phase 3 of kitchen storage!

  36. I love the counters and the sink!! Absolutely fabulous!!

  37. Black Beauty makes me so happy every time I see her!!! Everything is coming together! Since you are looking to decide on open shelving, have you seen the kitchen in the new Domino magazine that belongs to Ali Cayne? Her kitchen reminds me of what you are doing in yours. Plus, she has your same black beauty range with the hood and subway tile with darker grout. May be worth a look if you haven’t seen it already. Everything you have chosen looks excellent together!

  38. I’ve never been so excited for anyone else to get there kitchen counters! Congratulations!

  39. I just had a bit of a moment. I’m listening to the new Josh Garrels album (which is the newest thing in the Chilled Out Gorgeous New Kitchen musical genre by the way), and I keep saying, “Those counters are so dreamy.” Because they totally are. And then I hit the last photo of meal time which makes me happy because you don’t have to cook on the porch anymore and also Emily was wearing a very “Emily” outfit which for some reason made me irrationally happy. Because it was, like, HER. I’m a loon. But apparently Josh Garrels + Nester’s baller white counters + photos of eating + Emily in red jeans and polka dots = Kendra is weird and sort of teary. So happy for you. Sinks and stoves, man. Who knew.

  40. How exciting! They’re BEAUTIFUL!!! and i love the stools too…. It’s so fun that you get excited about it all… I’m enjoying watching it all so much!


  41. Love it! Congratulations on running water in the kitchen, so nice to have!

  42. yippee and yeow and yee-haw!

    congrats, dear heart friend!!! xoxoxo + a toothy grin from Maxwell

  43. debra goerner says:

    What faucet did you end up going with? It doesn’t seem to be any of the ones on the Kitchen Pinterest Board. I was waiting to see what you put in after deciding that the tall ones would overwhelm the space. I am without a faucet now and had the same feeling about being a “diner dishwasher” in my own kitchen. The one you chose feels just right modern .

    • it’s a dyconn. not sure I love it, I’ll report back in a few months. I couldn’t find the style I wanted for a price I could afford with good reviews so I just bought something to see that wasn’t expensive.

  44. Melissa McIntyre says:

    Yeah!!! I love it and I’m soo glad you do too! :-) High-fives for running water in the kitchen! I can’t imagine…. We’ve only ever had ours shut off for short amounts of time for fixing and such. Talk about taking something soo simple as a kitchen sink for granted! I bet you’re just hangin’ out in there all the time now ;-)

  45. I’m glad you still got the straight edge looked you wanted on the countertops, but then have the 1/8 inch bevel to keep it from chipping. It totally looks straight edge to me in the photos! Hooray for compromises that actually work!!!

  46. #rangeporn!

  47. I was wondering where the cabinets are from? We are doing a kitchen reno this spring. We want a mega island that seats 8, and those cabinets are beautiful! Your island is what I want just doubled!

  48. Is it weird that this paragraph sorta made me want to tear up? I think this paragraph right here is why we love you and can’t stop grinning our way through all this with you because the joy just oooozes out of you and we can feeeel all the feeeeeelings too even if we were NEVER people in the first place to have feelings about kitchen counter tops :)

    “We do have a seam. And five years ago I probably would have whined and fretted about it. Today, I DON’T even care!!! I’m just so happy! Those two counter-top-installer-men said I was the happiest person they’ve ever installed for. When they asked how long I had to wait for my beautiful white counters I immediately replied “20 years and it was worth it.” Because it’s true.”

  49. Becky Lopez says:

    I think I am a bit ridiculous for being so excited to see your kitchen in its next phase! I love your sink, it makes me smile! I feel a bit like a stalker but I have enjoyed reading your home-reno posts and have now become acquainted with your sister’s blog and Button Bird. I love reading all 3 and check my blog lovin app for unread posts unreasonably often. Thanks for sharing so much and I’m really not a stalker!

  50. Vicki Kessler says:

    The kitchen looks really beautiful. I am trying to decide on quartz counter tops. The white formica needs to go soon! What did you learn and will you share any information that you have about it? (PlEASE…FORGOT TO SAY, “PLEASE!”)
    Now if you’re wrapping gifts, planning menu’s and reading Advent blogs + + + then you can wait on any details. However, I would love to know also about the floors. Reclaimed pine? I’m a newby to your awesome blog by way of Kristin Schell. She’s right………..I am really enjoying it all!

    • yes, the floors are pine–the entire house had them but the kitchen so we pulled the wood off the mudroom walls and used that as the floor! The pine was milled here at our property, we bought an old sawmill!

      Quartz–through ikea from a local provider–I think ours is snow white quartz, so far I lOVE it

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