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Comment of the week from Ann::

your video reminded me why I do not miss having stairs one tiny little bit. It’s like having 15 little shelves that hold junk in the middle of your house – and you’re supposed to walk on them.

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  1. Thanks for including my manifesto, via Miss Mustard Seed, in the roundup. And in the small world category, I think we have some friends in common. I’m in Greensboro, and know Melissa at Relish/Events by Designs. Our sons are in preschool together. Or were. They “graduated” this week and we had their graduation party at our house tonight.

  2. I think that was an amazing comment…and so true. Now, that I have a flight of stairs, it makes even more sense. :)

    great bird watching.

  3. Oh-so-true about stairs that morph into storage units! Sounds like an invitation to a trip to the emergency room {no pun intended!}

  4. Love the stair comment!

    Our long term plan is to build a home, and we’ve been thinking single level is more practical (our eight year old is not mobile). As a “recovering” (frequently relapsing) Messy, that comment just sealed the deal. :-)

  5. In my case, it was a trip to the emergency room with a broken foot! We no longer allow anything, no I mean, ANYTHING on the stairs.
    A cast, 3 weeks of crutches, and still having to go to work will make you a Hitler when it comes to the stair case! lol

  6. Haha. I also laughed when I read Jennifer’s comment. So well said.

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