Plush Pumpkins :: A Giveaway You Will Want to Win

Cue the sexy music.


Ohhhh yeah.  It’s pumpkin time.

I have been salivating over these pumpkins for a few years. I love the REAL harvested stem y’all.  REAL, once live, wonky, imperfect, lovely STEMS!

These pumpkins were made by Plush Pumpkins and are sold online through the LoveFeast Shop.   Better Homes and Gardens just featured them in their special Halloween issue.

These velvet pumpkins are one of the most luxurious things I own thanks to the girls at Love Feast Table who gifted me with a bunch of these heart palpitating, I can’t stop petting them and don’t make fun of me if they stay out in my house year around, pumpkins.  They are just that lovely.  The person who came up with the idea to match up velvet with pumpkin stems is pretty much a genius. If I could I would nominate them for the Nobel Peace Prize.  They are a perfect pairing of rustic and luxury and they look  just like pumpkins~does it get any more amazing?!  I’m picky about my decor and stuff I have in my house and for fall I like to keep it really natural with dried gourds and pumpkins from the corner farmer’s market~I’m happy to report that these Jackie O of pumpkins pair perfectly with my Elly May Clampett gourds.

I have manhandled these pumpkins {not by the stems though} and toted them around the house and I’ve been surprised at how they don’t lose their round pumpkiny shape or go flat whatsoever~these are high quality, you want to marry them, round heavyish, pumpkins.  Such a great gift for a fall lover who want’s something beyond the plastic orange pumpkin.

The ladies from the LoveFeast Shop are giving away a Cozy Nest Set of Plush Pumpkins that includes six charming pumpkins and a nest with plush acorns that you are going to want to faint when you see them.  There are a few colors included that I didn’t even show in my photos.  Be sure to check out all the color families and sets at the LoveFeast Shop.  And if you are curious, like me, you can read all about how Plush Pumpkins started and the story behind the stems along with all of the amazing, neutrals and saturated colors–36 in all {hot pink!! beautiful oranges and rusts!}

I had to show you the acorns so I took them out of the nest so you can see them up close–see?  Real acorn hats with tiny little plush bodies! *faints* The winner will get some of these as well!

Leave a comment to enter to win a set of SIX Plush Pumpkins and a nest of acorns from the LoveFeast Shop.

{This giveaway is now closed.  The winner was announced here}.


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  1. Am I too late to enter?! Just discovered your blog and I love it! Not to mention the pumpkins are totally amazing :)

  2. These velvet pumpkins are fantastic! I would love to win them :)

  3. Would love to win these!

  4. Judy Martinez says:


  5. Oh my!!! These are a-mah-zing!!!! Thanks for the chance!

  6. OHHHHH. Drooling! Would look FABULOUS in our Great Room. Praying to win as hubbie just changed jobs and money is tight! Fingers crossed:)

  7. Amy Jo Trager says:

    Oh wow… These are Gorgeous!!!! Love the velvet….

  8. These are spectacular… I loooooove the acorns!!

  9. I hope it is not too late, please, please!!! loveeeee theeeeem!!!!!

  10. Love this blog, oh my god…I think I am addicted.
    Those pumpkins are so, so chic and absolutely magnifiques!

    Oh please, Santa, be early this year!

  11. Oh I hope I’m not too late to enter! These are gorgeous!!!!

  12. I love these!! I have been totally bummed because I can’t afford any fall decor or anything for that matter.. I would love these little plush pumpkins more than nutella ;) well almost! Fingers, toes and eyes crossed. P.S Love your blog it is awesome!

  13. These velvet pumpkins are truly beautiful and the colors are exquisite.

  14. I love the unexpected fall colors!

  15. Megan Lunsford says:

    I love, love, love these!!!

  16. Gorgeous!!!

  17. Miss Mary says:

    *Squeal* I love fall, but have never been able to decorate with all of the orange that seems to be so common. When I went to their website, and saw all of the fall colors that would work in my home. And, I do love velvet!!

  18. soooo pretty!

  19. I would love to win these. Love your site, too!

  20. Pat Smith says:

    Just found your page trough Centsational Girl – cant wait to follow the 31 day series.
    The pumpkins are scrumptious!

  21. Those are amazing!

  22. Oh my goodness gracious those are gorgeous!!!!

  23. Pretty please!!!! They are so beautiful and look comfy cozy for the fall!

  24. I am completely obsessing about theses pumpkins…the give away is probably done, but ya can’t blame a girl for tryin!

  25. I adore these! They are so cute! I love all the colors!!

  26. I saw one of these pumpkins at a friend’s house and I could not sleep for thinking about them. How silly, I know, but it’s such an original idea, and so beautifully executed.


  28. Have been looking at the gorgeous pumpkins and darling acorns. I could just see the acorns in a tiny nest in the midst of the velvet of the pumpkins. How warm and welcoming..

  29. Betty Bakk says:

    I want some one to figure out to make these!!!
    I have blown glass pumpkins, now want velvet
    pumpkins! I’m not a tradional orange Fall
    decorator either!!! Please someone who has one
    figure it out!!! Will check Etsy…

  30. I love love love these. It’s a good thing no one can see me right now because I am drooling all over my IPad. If I win these I would put them on my mantel along with NOTHING. They are perfecly beautiful. Oh be steal my beating heart. Please, for the love that is all that is decent and holy let me win. I’ve never won anything. Thanks.

  31. Gail Williams says:

    I absolutely love these pumpkins and acorns. I have a new love of acorns and have them all over the house for fall. I would have never thought of making pumpkinsn blues and different colors….. Thank you for posting them on your blog. Just love them!!!!

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