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If you are visiting from SimpleMom, welcome.  Today’s post happens to feature beautiful wall art as well.

This post is the last in a miniseries of summer giveaways, tomorrow  the winners of the TJ Maxx and HGTV giveaways will be announced.

It is downright encouraging and inspiring to find people who are following their passion.  One of those people is Jeanne Winters.   She’s a devoted wife and mom, and she’s also a designer, author and serious artist who is intentional about adding meaningful beauty into her home by “fusing faith and decor”.  She had me at designer.

Jeanne makes adding a little beauty look so simple.  The surprising thing is, it IS simple,  and then she gives us the tools to follow her lead at her blog.

Remember our swap meet last year? I made my friend Jen shout out instructions to everyone who attended. Jeanne had a swap as well. Of course, she had to be all organized and Jeanne about it and made these charming invitations and numbers so everyone could swap in an orderly fashion. Then she made it downloadable so we could all use them too.  I just love that.

Naturally, Jeanne and DaySpring got together and wouldn’t you know, they have something great for us?

A word about DaySpring

DaySpring is Nesting Place’s biggest sponsor.   I like them for lots of reasons, firstly, they have cute stuff, I mean, if their stuff wasn’t cute, no matter how great they were, there would be no relationship. They are wonderful people, they believe in meaningful beauty and, not only that, they make it a point to find regular people, moms like us, who are doing their art, and they feature us. Did you hear that? DaySpring makes it a habit to feature real people like Lisa Lenoard, Lindsey CheneyStudio SDGHolly Christine, Jennifer from Studio JRU, even The Nester. I’m thrilled to support a company who supports women like me.  You don’t see Pottery Barn going out and partnering with bloggers and mom artists and then featuring them in their shops.

This is a photo of a wall in Jeanne’s house.  Like all of us, she has an artist inside of her, but she has let her’s loose on canvas, with a bit of a retro twist.

Her canvases are framed up in thick rustic frames and are available through DaySpring.  Don’t they look nice stacked up in my breakfast area?

These are huge, substantial pieces measuring 25 x 21 inches.  Even though I knew the dimensions I was surprised at their wonderful size when I got them. They look good alone or in a group, and there’s no glass over the canvas, thank the Good Lord, you know how I dislike glass.  You can see the entire collection here, I have a group of three in my home.

I like to think she created this one especially for me.  She didn’t.  But, I like to think she did.   The verse at the bottom is Numbers 6:24.

Jeanne also wrote a book  called Inspirational Home. It’s got ideas with photos on every page about how to incorporate words of encouragement into your home.  And every idea is very do able.  You could make all your Christmas gifts this year.

The Giveaway::

DaySpring is giving away one book for every 100 comments & three random winners will win a  framed canvas of their choice. I would suggest the Bless our Nest but, you are free do do whatever cutes your loot.  Check out the entire Jeanne Winters Collection and be sure to leave a comment to enter to win.

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  1. Love these items from Day Spring. Thanks for the give-a-way opportunity…blessings, Cherri

  2. Nester, I’ve been addicted to your blog for the past week since I found you and I have found myself coming into a whole new phase of creativity for my home, in many ways due to you! Thank you for what you do. As for this book giveaway, D.R.O.O.L.!!! I’ve pretty much never won anything online since blogs and giveaways have been in vogue, so I’d be honored and totally fall off my upholstered rocker if I were to win. Don’t worry, I won’t get hurt! ;-)

  3. Shannon Barnett says:

    I so enjoy reading this blog and would love to be a winner (wouldn’t we all?;). Thanks for all the fun ideas and pictures and inspiration, etc., etc., etc. p.s.~ I’ll still read your blog even if I don’t win. That should warm your precious little heart, eh?! ;)

  4. Jennifer says:

    I have so loved her prints since the first time you mentioned them on your blog. I have NO idea how I would pick one and would probably give it away as a gift to my SIL.


  5. Can you enter more than once? Oh man…am I cheating? Sure hope not. Yikes. Oh and we have met as well! I came to your garage sale and bought a really cute bunny plaque. But if I win I promise it was totally on the up + up!

  6. katklaw777 says:

    Great prints, thanks for the giveaway.

  7. I would love to win! LOVE IT!

  8. TTUNNELL says:

    Your blog has inspired me to create something new out of something old or at least try… Will post links to before & after pics when I finish… regaurdless of the outcome… Praying it won’t be and epic fail!

  9. I know just where I would put one of those canvas – the cup overflowing one… with my collection of tea cups… and the book… *sigh* ….

  10. shannon says:

    i’m sorta living “the” life. you know in between life. i do have the opportunity to create as my soul desires. i just pray that i have “more” time to do it. beautiful blog. love to visit it often.

  11. I would love to win a copy of that beautiful book! It is hard for me to pick out my favorite canvas, there are so many I like.

  12. What an awesome giveaway – the book looks beautiful and the prints are very unique! Thanks for a chance at this giveaway!

  13. Ok~so I don’t think I’ve ever won a thing….but maybe this time…
    The book looks great & I would LOVE to have either of the prints! So CUTE!

  14. I love your blog….Just found it, thanks to the nester. Can’t stop reading!

  15. Oh my. I have GOT to win this. I’m lovin’ this stuff! And I do especially love the Bless Our Nest print!!

  16. I would Lu-uv that May Your Cup Overflow canvas! It would be perfect in our coffee-themed kitchen!

  17. I would LOVE to win this!!! I heart the Bless Our Nest canvas too! :) :) :)


  18. flybabymom says:

    Oh, the book! What a great idea–creative ways to express inspiration in our homes. I really like the artwork, too–I especially like the vine & branches quote. Beautiful!

  19. April Byars says:

    “May your cup overflow” is my favorite. They’re all great, though.


  20. Wow these are all so beautiful it would be hard to choose but I would love the chance.

  21. pick me, oh random number generator! because i need one more thing to hang on my walls and those things are so stinkin’ cute! :)

  22. melissa n says:

    i like the bless our nest one :)

  23. I love all those prints! sylviarj at yahoo dot com

  24. The Hot House Frau says:

    über-cute! I love that they’ve given such adorableness to some GREAT scripture!!!

  25. I love them all, but I especially love the”may your cup overflow”. The book is amazing!

  26. Peggy Allen says:

    I love the framed art. Especially the “Bless our Nest”. The book also looks great.
    God bless!

  27. Oh gosh!! I totally love all of Jeanne’s work … beautiful!! The bless this nest really caught my eye, one because it’s totally cute, two because it would work perfectly in my kitchen and three because there are three eggs (just like our family of three).

    Thanks for introducing me to another wonderful blog!

    Happy Friday!

  28. Kimberly E says:

    I love those prints! So cute. I would love to win one!

  29. I love the vintage prints! They made me smile just reading them.

  30. I didn’t realize that DaySpring offers opportunities to creative moms like that. It is really great to know that and know there are companies out there stepping into new territory!
    I love Jeanne’s collection, especially the Bless our Nest and Everything is Beautiful, that would totally work well in my creamy yellow bathroom! Love them!!!

  31. This is a great giveaway! All of Jeanne’s prints are great which makes it hard to choose, but I would copy you and pick the Bless our Nest print. I would love a copy of her book as well.

  32. I like them all, but I think I would go with the Bless Our Nest.
    The book looks lovely as well. Thanks for the giveaway. :)

  33. Love it! Cute stuff…

  34. Love that classy retro look! Thanks for doing this giveaway! :)

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