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Remember this glorious sign that we all went crazy for?  I have one in my house–do you?

DaySpring had them half price for a short while.  The signs are made by one of my favorite American companies, Danielson Designs.  And even though these signs have sold out, you can get something even better–A COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE SIGN! So, if you want, you can still have the Give Thanks Sign.


DaySpring and Danielson have teamed up to offer us one of the best ideas they’ve ever had {purely unscientific and totally my opinion} millions {ok, maybe not millions but it seems like that} of choices, colors, fonts, designs…you will want to die {again, you might not want to die, but you might want to spend all your money and time on the website and personally thank me for hooking you up with this fun way to decorate your home}.  It is my delight to get to introduce you to your new love {don’t quote me on this but I did ask DaySpring to marry me yesterday, I’ll let you know when I get an answer}.


The possibilities are endless–and these are just the large framed signs–there are like 80 thousand other styles and shapes to choose from.  I know, right?


Here’s how it works–say you like this frame and think it would be a good choice.  But you want it for your sister, not mother, you can easily change all the words to whatever you want them to say just by entering it into the website.

Picture 1

Here’s the best part–you hit “update” and you get to see what it will look like…right then!


This is the part where I show you entirely too many of the choices because I cannot narrow down what I like–hang with me, there’s a giveaway at the end.


Ok, for those of you with a daughter with a different name or a normal name with different spelling, please get her a personalized sign.  I am that girl that never got the personal bike license plate, never got the pencil with my name on it, all because my name is unique.  I even typed in my name just so I could see what it looked like on a sign, I loved it.  And for those of us with sons they have great boys stuff too.




Here’s the sign that DaySpring gave me–is it not wonderful?  It’s my newest most favorite thing in my home.

Now for the fun part–TWO lucky people will each win a $50 gift certificate from DaySpring–you can use it for a sign or anything you want.  One winner will be chosen at random from the comments, just leave a comment to enter to win, it’s that easy, you don’t have to have a blog or anything.

Also, one winner will be chosen from a spur of the moment MckLinky.  If you have a few minutes, check out the what’s available at the DaySpring-Danielson Design Studio.  Mess around with the signs or frames or what have you and create something wonderful, make sure you hit “update” to see your creation.  Then you can do a screen shot or drag the creation to your desktop or whatever it is you do to grab the picture and show it on your blog and write a little post about it, linking to this post.  One lucky person will be chosen from the linky peeps {I have a feeling this will be a much smaller group of people than the comments so your chances of winning will be much greater}.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Contest ends Wednesday at Midnight.

20% off PromoCode for use at the DaySpring store or at DaySpring-Danielson Design Studio :: NEST2010

remember the link up is only if you do a post, otherwise, leave a comment to enter to win

Special thanks to DaySpring for sponsoring this post and providing us with beautiful things to decorate our homes and connect people with the heart of God.

This giveaway is now closed.

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  1. Love it. Love it. Love it.

  2. I love it! Too many choices-I don’t know what I want to get first from their site!

  3. Wow, what an awesome giveaway!! Yes, and I totally feel your pain about never having your name on anything. I am scarred from not having my name on my special pencil in 2nd grade like all of my other classmates. I think I need therapy. =P

  4. I have an unusual name also so I love all things personalized. =]

  5. Love these!!

  6. Maria Leon says:

    Beautiful, I really love to win a sign for my grandaughter’s room. Awsome giveaway. Thank You.

  7. What awesome signs! Maybe I will try to do the McLinky, but if not at least I entered here! Thanks Nester!

  8. I sympathize with you on never having my name on anything! And I am about to give a baby girl a name that will never be on anything either! It is a double name so she will have to have her things custom made!

  9. Their website looks awesome! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  10. LOVE these signs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thanks :)

  11. I woud love to win… they’re so great!

  12. Oh, how I would love to win one of these! They are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity, Nester!

  13. I heart the Monogram signs. I’d love one and have just the place to put it!

  14. thank you for this giveaway! love it! love it! oooh pick me! everyone in our family has such unique names that we all need personalized things.

  15. how lovely!!!!!!!

  16. Love the signs!!!!

  17. Marilyn Holeman says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter the Dayspring giveaway!

  18. Can I still enter? I want to win. What cute signs…

  19. Alicia Gaines says:

    Simply beautiful…………. so many possibilities.

  20. These signs are beautiful.

  21. I’d love one of these for my grandchildren.

  22. Great Idea and way to spruce up your home with a personal touch.

  23. I would LOVE to win this…I am always drooling over their signs!!! Blessings to you and yours!

  24. Melissa Nunley says:

    These signs are beautiful, count me in :)

  25. what a great giveaway, not sure which Wednesday it ends, but if I’m not too late, I’d love to be entered!

  26. These are fabulous – hope I win!

  27. Love the signs and would love one in my house!


  28. I need to buy or win one of these, once and for all!

  29. truly gorgeous and full of spirit!!

  30. How very lovely!

  31. Im thinking a gift for my mom would be fantastic!

  32. What fun signs! I have lots of names in my family that would not be found in typical sign shops….hoping to win one of these!

  33. Brunette says:

    customizable is always nice!


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