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How about some kick in the hiney inspiration from Brooklyn Limestone?

Another clever idea from Junk Camp.

Check out a super frugal yet darling nursery at A La Mode.

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Storing Your Garland

Time to take down The Most Wonderful Christmas Garland Ever. Not to mention all of the less wonderful Christmas garland that might still be hanging around. First take out all that extra junk that you put in to make it wild. Save all the fern pieces and nests and keep them handy for your spring […]

2008 Roundup

In the spirit of reflection and laziness I thought we could revisit some posts from the past year. Click the words under the photos to read more. Ye Olde Kitchen Ye Sister’s Olde Kitchen The Best Three Dollars I Have Ever Spent IDHTBPTBB

Gift Yourself

Did you get something great for Christmas? How about giving yourself the gift of Bliss? Registration is half price until December 31 –did you get some cash for Christmas? Buy yourself some encouragement and fun! This conference is designed for bloggers and there are two tracts this year. I’m thrilled to be speaking about blogging […]

The Weary World Rejoices

Ragamuffin it

Even the simplest of appetizers can be made to look irresistible. Next year, I’m stocking up on these cheese boards with the glass cover and giving them as gifts. I see them at almost every thrift store and yard sale and cringe at how many I have passed up at the small price of $2.99. […]

Use What You Have {or can get at a thrift store}

Country Living Did you see this post at the Inspired Room? I thought it was brilliant and I had red bags on the brain until I found a red and white striped one for $1.99 at a thrift store. I just stuffed it with leftover garland and popped in some pine cones, leaves and feathers. […]

Food: More Entertaining Than Fabric?

My husband and I went to a Christmas party last week. The friends who hosted are one of those great couple friends who include you in everything. We are major moochers and take them up on all of their fine offers. I sure hope they don’t think we just like them for their chefs and […]

Door on the Wall Take 2

Are you sick of seeing this room yet? I love lots of pillows on a sofa. It’s completely impractical if you are sitting on it all day but they look so wonderful! And, sadly, this sofa doesn’t get sat on all that often so I can pack the pillows in. I got a few questions […]

Tour De Rental: Christmas Version

Can we ever see enough Christmas Decorations? I think not. The delightfully personable and ever funny BooMama and the uber creative and perfectly charming Julia from Hooked on Houses are both hosting Christmas home tours and there’s not a chance that I would miss them. {edited: Rhoda is hosting one as well–you must see her […]

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