Top 10 Tools to Beautify Your Nest

1. glue gun {want to see mine? click on #4}
2. upholstery tacks {again, click on #4 to see them in action}
3. spray paint {and if you need tips , check out this woman –she is the QUEEN of spray paint}
4. high heel shoes {for hammering and looking imperfectly beautiful}
5. plate hangers
6. fabric and fabric and fabric and some fabric never hurt and if you can’t find that, get you some fabric
7. fringe
8. regular paint and paint brushes
9. ring clips

10. what decorating tools can you not live without?

Best of the Nest

New here? Want to read some of the most read posts? You can decide for yourself if I have lost my mind with all of my hot gluing, fabric ripping and painting with paper towels. Shh, don’t tell the real designers. I love to have a pretty house and hate to spend too much money […]

Mistreated Table

I was too ashamed to take a before photo of this table that is in my craft room. It had piles of extra stuff that was slowly getting out of control. So I did what any lazy perfectionist would do and I covered it up real cute like. I’ve got a big bunch of fabric […]

High Heels for the Bathroom

Are your bathroom cabinets low and feeling all bad about themselves compared to the new 42 inch cabs in all the newer houses? This photo is from my old nest and my poor midget cabinets were in need of either a makeover or counseling. I think the counter top reached just above my husbands knees. […]

Wanted: Domestic Writers

My dear friends Fussy and Karla are looking for some additional writers for their online magazine Blissfully Domestic. If all your friends come to you seeking advice for their home, if you love to be creative in your home, or if you just want to make something up so that you can be friends with […]

Call of the Lion

Have you ever been to the BLACKLION? It is heaven on earth! It’s aisle after aisle, row after row of booths and shops all gathered under one roof. Think of the most fantastic, beautifully decorated, most unique gift shop in your town. Now think of that and hundreds of others just as amazing and just […]

Gift Wrap

Wallpaper makes great wrapping paper. Our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore sells rolls for about a dollar. The thick paper always looks nice and I like to use my hot glue gun instead of tape to seal it all up. What do you do with extra wall paper? And PS, Monday was a huge success! […]

Mistreatment Clubbers

I saw this on Nancy’s blog and am totally stealing it–thanks Nancy! It’s time for our window mistreatment get together! I can’t wait to see how you have mistreated and it’s not too late to join in! New here? See the rules and find out what all the abusive language is about! So grab yourself […]

Preheat Your Glue Gun

See you Monday! and remember…

Builder Beige Blah Bath

Do you have the same bathroom that we have in our house? Beige walls. Beige floor. “Brown” “wood” {please don’t turn me into that blog all about unnesesary quotation marks we all know just how crucial they are in this description} cabs, white counter top. I wanted a way to liven it up on the […]

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